sound healing, alchemy singing bowls

Sound Healing through 

Alchemy Singing Bowls

These bowls are made of 99.99% pure crushed clear quartz which are alchemized with other crystals, gems and metals. These alchemy singing bowls are believed to have meaning and allow people to personalize the way they use them to achieve wellness goals.

Every bowl has a different note, and harmonize well with other bowls.

When these are played simultaneously, the effect can be exquisite and synergistic.

Reiki and Sound Healing Combination

Reiki/Singing Bowls Combo

1/2 Hour Reiki & 

1/2 Hour Signing Bowls Combination



per Hour


What our customers are saying

This was great and I feel wonderful. 

Julie S., Lake Zurich

The alchemy singing bowls event in the salt cave was amazing!

Nina, Barrington

Sound Healing through Alchemy Singing Bowls Prices vary depending on venue and event style. Please check our events page for upcoming events. 

Experience Natural Serenity with Yoga Nidra Meditation along with the Alchemy Singing Bowls, followed by a mini-Reiki session in the salt room at Natural Serenity in Barrington.

We will start off the event with a yoga nidra meditation, while the alchemy singing bowls play in the background. 

Some events also offer a mini-Reiki treatment after the yoga nidra meditation and alchemy singing bowls.  (Check the events sections for pricing and location.)

If you have or have not yet experienced a Yoga Nidra meditation, Alchemy Singing Bowls or Reiki, in the salt room, then this is the event for you. Experience all these wonderful modalities in this one energy infused, blissful, relaxing, one of a kind event.

You will leave this event feeling relaxed and calm and with clarity and focus.

What is Yoga Nidra? The term Yoga Nidra is derived from two Sanskrit words, yoga meaning union or one-pointed awareness, and nidra which means sleep. ... For this reason, yoga nidra is often referred to as conscious sleep or deep relaxation with inner awareness. While in this relaxed state we are able to be more aware and more focused. It brings clarity, focus and helps to center and calm the mind of thoughts that do not serve us.